FREE Ariat Boots!

I found a chance to win a pair of Ariat Boots! If you head over to Fort Western Stores Facebook Page and Like and Share their “Great Ariat Boot Giveaway” posts you can get signed up to win a FREE pair of boots! Each day they are going to post a new pair of boots and on July 1st they will announce a winner to receive the most liked pair of boots!

For more tips on all things western check out Western Fashion 411

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Go Green with your old Wrangler Jeans

Do you have an old pair of Wrangler Jeans taking up space in your closet? They don’t fit anymore or they’re too damaged to wear? It’s time to clear out that closet space and recycle those blue jeans! There are so many ways to recycle blue jeans now-a-days. The first and most obvious way is to donate them to your local City Mission or Homeless Shelter. People in need are abundant these days and donating to charities could help someone change their situation.

Did you know blue jeans are now being used to insulate homes? That’s right! Donating your old denim to can result in your old blue jeans being processed into Eco Friendly, itch free insulation. The insulation is then provided to communities in need to assist with building efforts. Your old pants could help keep a family warm.

Looking for a new craft project? Blue Jeans can be re-purposed into many different things. You can turn multiple pairs of used jeans into a quilt made of memories in those very jeans. Upholstering an old ottoman with used denim would give it a snazzy new look and add some extra storage with the pockets! The list is endless with fun craft projects for old denim.

Not ready to get rid of your old blue jeans just yet? Check out the Western Fashion 411 blog on how to fix them up!

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Every Cowboys Three Essentials of Western Wear Accessories

If you were to look in any Cowboys closet you would find many things among his valued Western Wear. But the most important things you would find are his favorite leather belt, a shiny belt buckle that was probably won from a bull riding competition and finally, his felt hat. All three of these are needed in a cowboys daily life. One to hold his pants up, second to show off his talent, and third to keep the sun out of his eye while working hard, or just to keep him looking cool.

Fort Western Online has many great options for all your Cowboy needs. Starting with a 3D® Men’s Basket weave Floral Belt, hand tooled and made out of genuine leather, these belts are made to look great and last a very long time. In case you haven’t won any bull riding competitions lately, Fort Western has amazing belt buckles like Montana Silversmiths® Men’s Satin Silver Longhorn Attitude Belt Buckle. And finally an American Hat Company® 7X Fur Felt Hat in grey. This hat will fit perfectly and protect your eyes and face during those hot days on the ranch.

Do you have a cowgirl in mind that may be in need of the Three Essentials of Western Wear? Check out the Cowgirls Western Wear Guide.

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Cowboy Boots and Why We Love Them

Who doesn’t own a pair of cowboy boots or wish they did? Cowboy boots have been around for centuries and though originally designed for working cowboys, today they grace the feet of businessmen, celebrities, and soccer moms. So why are so many people drawn to them? Initially, it may be their fashionable appeal but once you step into the rugged cowhide shaft, stand taller than you ever thought possible, and smack your heels against the floor, it’s all about the way they make you feel—strong, confident, and fearless.

Just like athletic shoes, cowboy boots come in many styles designed for different types of activities. Whether you plan on riding horses, two stepping across the dance floor, or feeding livestock, you can find boots that fit both your feet and your lifestyle.

Where’s the best place to look for a pair a cowboy boots? Cowboy boots can be found in just about any store that sells footwear but if you want to buy a pair of boots you’ll love for years, the best place to go is a Western wear store where they have trained boot specialists to help you find the right fit and a large selection of trusted brands like ariat boots.

After you’ve invested in a quality pair of boots, unless you’re going for the vintage look, the next step is to keep them looking good as new. The site Western Fashion 411 has a good article on how to take care of your western footwear. It covers everything from cleaning, conditioning, polishing and protecting your new cowhide boots.

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Shoot’em Up With These Shooter Boots

Throughout the year thousands of western action shooters load up their guns, don late 19th century western wear, and join other devotees across the country. These single action enthusiasts are all participants in a sport known as western action shooting. The sport consists of a staged competition where contestants fire revolvers, rifles, and shotguns that are originals or replicas from the Old West. Unfortunately, dressing to capture the spirit of the Old West meant standing for hours in a pair of uncomfortable boots — that is until the arrival of Fort Frontier® Range and Shooter boots.

Fort Frontier® Range and Shooter Boots are well known for their mix of Old West style and modern day comfort.
What makes these boots so special is the design team was made up of staff members, including the official Nebraska State Buffalo Bill, Terry Lane, who manages the Old West Shop at Fort Western Stores in Lincoln, NE. The staffs’ personal involvement in western action shooting and extensive knowledge of Old West history was key in constructing a comfortable, authentic cowboy boot. “Most of the participants are not cowboys by trade. They own one pair of boots, and wear them for a few hours at events, and then their feet hurt for the next two days,” said Terry. With that in mind, The Fort aimed to offer western action shooters the most comfortable shooter boots available and based on their customers’ responses, they succeeded.

“Now I was in the market for a new pair of boots and saw the Ad for The Best Shooter Boots in the West and decided to call first. Glad I did! I shoved my foot down into the BEST fitt`in boot I have ever worn! They were soft and comfortable on the inside and fit like a glove with plenty of toe wiggl`in room!” said the Salt Creek Kid on the Fort’s Customer Corral webpage.

Fort Western Stores’ Fort Frontier® cowboy boots are available in three styles. The original style is called the Nebraskan, which was followed by the Rock Creek and the Valentine. The Valentine was designed just for ladies. Each finely detailed oiled leather boot features a work boot bed, a steel shank for support, and mule ear pulls. The boots’ elastic gore shaft allows easy leg entry and expansion for wider calves. The boots are also good year welted, which means you can have them resoled time and time again.

Fort Frontier® boots are available exclusively at Fort Western Stores’ retail locations and on their Website at

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